Substitution Policy

If you are ordering a product that MUST be exactly like you see it on our website, please call the shop to make sure  that we have those products in stock.  We strive to give you the best service possible, but on occasion, substitutions may be necessary to ensure your arrangement or specialty gift is delivered in a timely manner.  We give each order the care and attention that is necessary to ensure that it is as similar as possible to item that you desire.

In our flower arrangements, the colors shown online will be used, if at all possible.  If we find that we must substitute flowers, we will do so with a flower of equal or greater value. When there are orders that contain special flowers such as an arrangement of all roses or lilies, we will try to make every effort to give you the same flower type, but it may be necessary to substitute another color.  Also, if the container shown on the picture is not available, it will be replaced by one of a similar nature.

Our plant substitutions are similar in that similar plants may be substituted for one of equal or greater value.  If your selection is a one-of-a-kind plant, such as with an orchid, we will make every effort to fill the order with the same plant type, but we may substitute another color.  As well with the containers shown on our plants, if the container pictured is not available we will substitute with a similar type.

Similarly, when you order one of our specialty gifts, we may need to substitute your selection with another specialty gift of equal or greater value that has a similar look or theme.

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